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Vacuum Powder Loader

The Stokes Vacuum Powder Loader stands as an efficient solution for the transfer of powder from large bulk storage units to the hoppers of tablet presses or encapsulation machines. Designed to cater to the needs of high-output systems, this loader streamlines the process of moving bulk materials in manufacturing setups. Its capacity to handle significant volumes of powder within a set timeframe makes it an invaluable asset in production environments where speed and efficiency are critical. By ensuring a smooth and continuous flow of materials, the Stokes Vacuum Powder Loader plays a crucial role in maintaining the productivity and efficiency of pharmaceutical and manufacturing processes.


The Stokes Vacuum Powder Loader represents a significant advancement in material handling within the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors. Its capability to efficiently move large quantities of powder - up to 600 kgs/hour - to heights of up to 10 meters aligns perfectly with the needs of high-output systems. This loader not only enhances the efficiency of the tablet pressing or encapsulation process but also contributes to a more streamlined, continuous production cycle. Its design is focused on reducing manual labor and increasing automation in the production line, thereby improving the overall efficiency and productivity of the manufacturing process. Additionally, the loader's high capacity for material transport ensures that even the most demanding production schedules can be met with ease, further solidifying its role as a critical component in modern manufacturing setups.

Main Benefits

  • Efficient Integration with Production Machines: The Stokes Vacuum Powder Loader seamlessly integrates with Encapsulation or Compression Machines. This compatibility is crucial for maintaining a continuous workflow in tablet manufacturing and encapsulation processes, ensuring that there is no interruption in the production cycle. The integration of this loader with production machines significantly reduces the manual intervention required, enhancing operational efficiency and throughput.

  • Easy Maintenance with Tri-Clamp Design: The loader’s tri-clamp design promotes ease of maintenance. Its toolless disassembly allows for quick and easy cleaning, ensuring that the machine can be promptly returned to operation with minimal downtime. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments where time is of the essence, and maintaining a high level of productivity is critical.

  • Streamlined Powder Transfer from Ground Level: By facilitating the automatic transfer of powder from ground-level storage containers to the machine hopper, the loader reduces the need for manual intervention. This streamlining of the powder transfer process not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to a cleaner and more organized production environment.

  • Reduced Risk and Operator Fatigue: The Stokes Vacuum Powder Loader’s design focuses on reducing the physical strain on operators. By eliminating the need for manual feeding from heights, it minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries associated with elevated work positions. This ergonomic consideration contributes to a safer, more comfortable working environment, which is vital for maintaining high morale and productivity among staff.

  • Consistent Supply with Powder Level Sensors: The loader’s powder level sensors play a critical role in ensuring that the machine hopper is continuously fed without interruption. This feature is essential for maintaining a consistent production flow, particularly in high-volume manufacturing settings where any stoppage can lead to significant delays and increased costs.

The Stokes Vacuum Powder Loader, with its advanced capabilities and user-centric design, represents a significant step forward in the efficiency and safety of pharmaceutical manufacturing and other high-output industrial processes. Its robust design and high-performance capabilities make it a reliable and indispensable tool in the pharmaceutical industry, where precision and timeliness are key. The integration of this advanced equipment into existing production lines underscores a commitment to technological innovation and operational excellence.

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