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Restoring Excellence Across All Makes and Models

Stokes specializes in rejuvenating the life and efficiency of tablet presses of all kinds, whether they are rotary or single punch models. Our comprehensive rebuilding services are designed to restore your equipment to its original, or even better, operating condition. We understand the critical role your tablet press machine plays in your production line, and our aim is to ensure it performs at its best, for longer.

Thorough Rebuilding Process – Precision and Expertise

Our process starts with a careful disassembly of the tablet press. Each component is removed and evaluated, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Our experienced technicians conduct a thorough examination of all common wear areas, including:

  • Cam surfaces
  • Socket/shaft dimensions
  • Bearings
  • Feeder components
  • Drive mechanisms

This detailed inspection is the cornerstone of our rebuilding service, allowing us to pinpoint areas that require attention and ensure that every part of your tablet press is functioning optimally.

Standard Rebuilding Package - Comprehensive and Cost-Effective

Our standard rebuilding service includes a range of essential services, designed to bring your machine back to factory specifications. This includes:

  • Inspection and Bushing of Critical Bores: We meticulously inspect and bush all critical bores to re-establish factory alignments and specifications, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.
  • Sand Blasting and Refinishing: To restore not just the function but also the aesthetics of your tablet press, we include sandblasting and refinishing in our standard package, leaving your machine looking as good as new.

Detailed Evaluation for Additional Upgrades

During our evaluation, we might identify additional parts that could benefit from replacement or rework. This is an opportunity for you to consider enhancing your tablet press further. Some of these optional upgrades include:

  • Complete Reworking of the Turret: For presses with significant wear or damage to the turret, we offer a complete reworking service, restoring this critical component to its optimal state.
  • Replacement of Worn or Damaged Parts: Depending on the condition of your press, we may recommend replacing certain parts that are beyond repair. Our team will provide a detailed assessment and options for these replacements.

Ready to elevate your tablet manufacturing operations? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in achieving operational excellence.

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