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Maximizing Your Tablet Production’s Potential

Our Tablet Press Calibration Services are designed to ensure that your equipment operates at peak performance, delivering consistent quality with every batch. By combining state-of-the-art technology with our extensive expertise, we provide a calibration service that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Trust Stokes to keep your tablet press operating at its best, ensuring the quality and efficiency that your production demands.

Expert Calibration for Precision and Reliability

Initial Calibration Protocol

We set up and adjust your tablet press machines with specialized tools, ensuring adherence to stringent standards for your manufacturing needs.

Force Calibration

Advanced technology is utilized to calibrate the force exerted by the press, ensuring consistency in tablet size, weight, and density.

Position Calibration

Precise calibration of component positions, like the lower roll and fill cam, guarantees uniform tablet thickness and structure.

Control System Calibration

Specialized in calibrating control systems, like the CS-1000, for optimal press efficiency and accuracy.

Comprehensive Reporting and Support

Post-calibration, we provide detailed reports and offer ongoing expert support and consultation.

Customized Solutions

Tailoring our services to meet the unique requirements of your manufacturing setup.

Ready to elevate your tablet manufacturing operations? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in achieving operational excellence.

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