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Tablet Press Tooling

At Stokes, we know that punches and dies are crucial in the tableting process, greatly influencing the final appearance and dimensions of tablets. We can guarantee our Tooling is crafted from the highest quality steel, undergoing rigorous heat treatment and often coated to prevent wear and sticking. Stokes offers unique coatings to improve surface hardness and tool life, including galvanic chrome, PVD, CrN, TiN, TiAlN, and DLC. These coatings provide benefits like enhanced wear resistance, reduced friction, and minimized punch seizure. Each coating is specifically designed to enhance the tool's performance, offering solutions for every tableting challenge, from increased durability to smoother operation, ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency in tablet production.


The Stokes Tooling range are crafted from the highest quality steel, engineered to withstand high pressure and abrasive conditions. The range includes a variety of specialized coatings to enhance surface hardness, reduce wear, and prevent sticking. Designed with precision and accuracy, Stokes Tooling provides solutions that cater to a wide array of tableting needs, including challenging applications like household chemicals. These tools not only promise exceptional performance but also offer increased durability and efficiency, ensuring the production of high-quality tablets with consistent characteristics.

Main Benefits

  • High-Quality Steel Construction: Made from the finest steel with proper heat treatment for durability.

  • Special Coatings: Options include galvanic chrome, PVD, CrN, TiN, TiAlN, and DLC to enhance surface hardness and longevity.

  • Plastic Inserts Option: For specific applications like household chemicals, providing extra protection for the punch pressing part.

  • Galvanic Chrome Coating: Popular for its proven effectiveness in standard applications, applied electrolytically.

  • PVD Coating: Offers better stability and wear protection through vapor metal deposit process.

  • CRN Coating: A type of PVD coating that significantly improves surface hardness and wear resistance.

  • TIN/TiAlN Coating: Offers enhanced surface hardness and smoothness, ideal for various tablet types.

  • DLC Coating: Provides diamond-like properties to metal surfaces, ideal for abrasive-resistant coating needs.

  • Precision in Tablet Formation: Ensures tablets are formed with exact appearance and dimensions.

  • Enhanced Durability: Resists high pressure and abrasives, reducing wear and tear.

  • Reduced Friction and Seizure: Coatings decrease friction, minimizing punch seizure.

  • Increased Corrosion Resistance: Enhances the tool’s resistance to corrosion and sticking.

  • Versatility in Application: Suitable for a range of tablet types, including problematic ones like effervescent tablets.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs: Durable coatings and materials reduce the need for frequent replacements.

  • Improved Production Efficiency: Reliable performance leads to a smoother, more efficient tabletting process.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Different coatings offer a higher quality-to-price ratio, providing value for money.

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