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Stokes Model 747 Tablet Press

A heavy-duty rotary tablet press, the Stokes Model 747 is expertly designed for double-sided tablet operations, featuring keyed upper punch sockets for precision and consistency. This machine stands as a dependable and accurate solution for manufacturers, offering optional features to cater to a variety of production requirements. Its robust construction ensures durability and reliable performance, making it ideal for high-volume production environments. The Model 747 is versatile, able to handle a wide range of tablet sizes and materials, and its user-friendly interface and precise control systems allow for easy operation and efficient adjustments. Additionally, the machine includes advanced safety features to ensure operator protection, meeting industry standards for safe operation.


The 8-ton Stokes Model 747 is a versatile, double-sided tablet press designed to produce tablets up to 16 mm in diameter, equipped with pre-compression capabilities. This feature ensures uniform compaction before final compression, resulting in consistent tablet density and weight, which is crucial for maintaining high-quality standards, especially in pharmaceutical production. The machine's compatibility with B tooling enhances its adaptability, allowing for varied tablet production. Moreover, its remote control functionality offers increased operational flexibility, making it ideal for large-scale manufacturing environments or situations where direct machine access is limited. Built for durability, the Stokes Model 747 is well-suited to withstand the demands of continuous, high-volume production. Its robust construction promises long-term reliability, an essential factor for busy production lines. The user-friendly interface of the machine streamlines the operational process, reducing the learning curve for new operators and thereby maximizing productivity while minimizing downtime. Safety, a paramount concern in its design, is addressed through various integrated safeguards, ensuring operator protection and compliance with industry safety regulations. The machine's maintenance and cleaning processes are notably efficient, with easy access to parts facilitating quick servicing and minimal production interruption.

Main Benefits

  • Hinged Aprons for Easy Punch Access: Allows for quick and easy access to punches for maintenance or replacement without the need to remove feeders, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.

  • Optional Sensor to Prevent Punch and Cam Wear: Automatically shuts down the press if the upper punches become too tight, preventing damage to punches and cams, which can be costly to replace.

  • Stainless Steel Die Table Dust Collection Nozzles: Keeps the machine cleaner for longer periods, reducing the frequency of cleaning and maintenance, and ensuring a more hygienic production environment.

  • Upper and Lower Punch Seals on Turrets to Extend Tooling Lifespan: These seals protect the tooling from wear and contamination, prolonging their usable life and ensuring consistent tablet quality.

  • Hopper Sensor for Low Powder Notification: Alerts the operator when powder levels are low, ensuring continuous production without interruptions and maintaining consistent tablet quality.

  • Motor-Driven Mechanical Feeders with Star Wheels: Enhances die filling, increasing production speed and efficiency, which is crucial for meeting high-volume manufacturing demands.

  • Automatic Lubrication System for Smooth Operation: Ensures consistent oiling of upper and lower punches, leading to smoother operation, reduced wear, and longer machine life.


Number stations 65 53 41
Tooling Specification BB B D
Max Capacity per Hour 10,000 8,000 6,150
Compression Force kN 100KN 100KN 100KN
Max Diameter Tablet 7/16 5/8 15/16
Max Fill Depth 11/16 11/16 11/16
Max Turret Speed 70 RPM 70 RPM 70 RPM
Number Filling Stations 65 53 41

The Stokes Model 747’s energy-efficient design not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with sustainable manufacturing practices, minimizing its environmental impact. This efficiency extends to its precision in tablet production, which helps in reducing material waste. In essence, the Stokes Model 747 combines advanced technology, robust construction, and user-focused design to deliver high-quality tablets at impressive speeds. Its adaptability to a range of production needs, coupled with its efficient, safe, and sustainable operation, makes it an outstanding choice for any high-volume tablet production facility, solidifying its position as a leading machine in the tablet press industry.

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