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Stokes Model 720 Tablet Press

Known for its dynamic, high-speed functionality and substantial production capacity, the Stokes Model 720 is a double-sided tablet press of impressive power. It is engineered with pre-compression features and provides the option to produce bi-layer tablets. The inclusion of a detachable turret in its design significantly enhances the machine's operational flexibility and simplifies the cleaning process, adding to its overall versatility. This state-of-the-art machine also offers advanced control systems for precision, a user-friendly interface, and is built for durability and reliability, meeting the rigorous demands of large-scale production environments in various industries.


The Stokes Model 720 stands as a pinnacle of tablet pressing technology, designed for high-speed, high-efficiency production in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Capable of producing tablets up to 25 mm in diameter (D-51) and reaching a maximum output of 796,800 tablets per hour (BB-83), it embodies both power and precision. This machine's double-sided design, equipped with pre-compression capabilities, ensures superior tablet consistency and integrity, particularly vital for quality control in high-volume production. Additionally, its ability to produce bi-layer tablets opens up possibilities for complex formulations, such as controlled-release medications, meeting the evolving demands of healthcare. Innovatively engineered, the Model 720 features a detachable turret, markedly enhancing operational flexibility and simplifying maintenance and cleaning. This aspect is crucial for maintaining production efficiency and adhering to stringent hygiene standards in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The machine's sophisticated control systems allow for meticulous adjustments and stable operations, a necessary attribute for producing tablets that meet exacting specifications. Durability is a cornerstone of its design, with robust construction that withstands the rigors of continuous, large-scale production. Prioritizing operator safety, the Model 720 integrates features that align with OSHA standards, including comprehensive safety interlocks and emergency stop mechanisms. These features ensure a safe working environment, crucial in high-speed manufacturing settings. The user-friendly interface of the Model 720 is another significant advantage, enabling operators to easily manage settings and make adjustments, thereby optimizing production efficiency.

Main Benefits

  • Colored Lights in Doors for Status Display: The colored lights provide immediate visual feedback on the status of the tablet press, aiding in quick decision-making and efficient operation.

  • Hopper with Butterfly Valve to Avoid Powder Spills: The butterfly valve design reduces powder waste by controlling the flow, enhancing efficiency and cleanliness.

  • Reduced Vibration in Doors for Lower Noise Levels: Minimizing vibrations in doors not only reduces noise levels, creating a more pleasant working environment, but also contributes to the stability and precision of the tablet press.

  • Built-In Scraper on Die Table: This feature efficiently removes excess powder, maintaining a clean production area and ensuring the quality of the tablets.

  • Sealed Bearings in Pressure Rolls: Sealed bearings prevent oil leakage, maintaining cleanliness and reducing the risk of contamination, as well as lowering maintenance requirements.

  • Interchangeable Parts in Compression Stations: This simplifies maintenance and spare parts inventory management, as the same parts can be used across different stations, reducing downtime and operational costs.

  • Safety Features Meeting OSHA Standards: Compliance with OSHA standards ensures a safer working environment, reducing the risk of accidents and promoting operational safety.

  • Large Hoppers and Wide Inlets for Smooth Powder Flow: Designed to facilitate easy flow of powder, these features reduce material clumping and improve the consistency of tablet production.

  • Four LED Lights for Enhanced Visibility: These lights illuminate the machine’s interior, aiding in both operation and maintenance by providing clear visibility, which helps in identifying and rectifying issues quickly.

  • Removable Turret with Variable Speeds: The turret’s removability and speed range (8 to 80 RPM) add to the machine’s versatility, accommodating different production needs while simplifying cleaning and maintenance.

  • Optimized Material Input with Dual-Level, Three-Paddle Feed Mechanism: This feature ensures efficient material feeding into the die, enhancing production rates and reducing the likelihood of blockages or inconsistencies in tablet formation.

  • Servo Motors for Automatic Press Adjustments: These motors enable automated adjustments, allowing for a maximum fill depth of 20 mm, which increases the machine’s versatility in producing different tablet sizes.

  • Servo Motors with Encoder Position Feedback: Precise adjustments of lower rolls and fill cams are made possible by servo motors, enhanced by accurate encoder feedback. This results in consistent tablet sizes and densities, improving product quality.

  • Automatic Lubrication System: This system ensures consistent lubrication, reducing wear and tear on tooling and cams, thereby extending their life. It saves on maintenance costs and ensures smoother machine operation.


Specification Stokes 720 D-51 Stokes 720 B-65 Stokes 720 BB-83
Number stations 51 65 83
Tooling specification D B BB
Max capacity hour 489,600 624,000 796,800
Compression force kn 80 80 80
Max diameter tablet Ø25 Ø16 Ø13
Max fill depth 20 16 16
Max turret speed 80 80 80
Number filling stations 51 65 83

The Model 720 is also designed with energy efficiency in mind, reducing operational costs and supporting eco-friendly manufacturing practices. This efficiency, combined with its advanced capabilities and adherence to environmental considerations, makes the Stokes Model 720 an ideal solution for companies seeking to enhance their production capacity while maintaining high standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. The inclusion of this machine in a production line represents a commitment to technological excellence and operational efficacy, setting the stage for future advancements in tablet manufacturing.

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