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Stokes Model 560 Tablet Press

The Stokes Model 560 is a heavy-duty, extremely durable high-speed tablet press machine. The press is single-sided with two pre-compression stations, which allows the user to easily convert the press to bi-layer tablets. The turret is removable, providing greater flexibility and ease-of-cleaning. This model is designed to maximize efficiency in tablet production, offering high capacity output with consistent quality. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it ideal for demanding industrial environments. Additionally, the Model 560 features advanced control systems for precise operation, user-friendly interfaces for ease of use, and is compatible with a wide range of tooling options, catering to diverse tablet manufacturing requirements.


Designed for high-volume production in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, the Stokes Model 560 stands out as a high-speed, single-sided tablet press machine. It boasts a unique configuration with two pre-compression stations, simplifying the process of creating bi-layer tablets, and features a detachable turret to maximize both flexibility and ease of cleaning. Equipped with up to 61 punches, this machine demonstrates impressive productivity, capable of manufacturing as many as 292,800 tablets per hour (BB-61) while accommodating a maximum tablet size of 25 mm (D-41). The Model 560 is renowned for its precise weight control, which guarantees uniform tablet quality. Additionally, its user-friendly interface, coupled with advanced safety features, makes it an optimal choice for handling demanding high-volume production needs.  

Main Benefits

  • Colored Lights in Press Frame Doors for Status Updates: The colored lights provide instant status updates of the tablet press, facilitating quick responses to operational conditions. This feature enhances monitoring efficiency and helps in maintaining a smooth production flow.

  • Enhanced Lighting System for Improved Clarity: The lighting system illuminates both the top and bottom sections, enhancing clarity and visibility during operation. This helps in monitoring and managing the production process more effectively.

  • Capability for Dual Pre-Compression and Bi-Layer Production: Each of the three compression stations can handle dual pre-compression and bi-layer production, with a maximum pressure of 100 kN. This flexibility allows for a wider range of tablet types and complexities, catering to diverse production needs.

  • Uniform Parts Across Compression Stations: The use of uniform parts across all three 10-ton compression stations simplifies the process of ordering replacements and managing spare parts inventory. This standardization leads to cost savings and easier maintenance.

  • OSHA Standards Compliance with Integrated Safety Mechanisms: Compliance with OSHA standards through safety mechanisms ensures a safe working environment, reducing the risk of accidents and meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Butterfly Valve on Hopper to Reduce Product Waste: The butterfly valve minimizes product waste by controlling the flow of powder into the machine. This efficient use of materials leads to cost savings and more sustainable production practices.

  • Dust Collection Mechanisms with Scraper: The dust collection system for both upper and lower die tablets, along with a scraper, maintains a clean operating environment. This reduces the need for frequent cleaning and ensures a hygienic production process.

  • Servo Motors for Automated Adjustments: The servo motors enable fully automated adjustments for lower rolls and fill cams, with a maximum fill depth of 19 mm. This feature allows for precise control over tablet size and density, accommodating a wider range of production specifications.

  • Robust Four-Pillar Design with Upper Doors: This design ensures operational stability and significantly reduces vibrations, leading to quieter machine performance. It provides a stable environment for precision tablet compression and prolongs the machine’s lifespan.

  • Spacious Hopper Entrance for Better Flow with Challenging Formulations: The larger hopper entrance facilitates the smooth flow of even difficult-to-handle formulations, enhancing the machine’s versatility and reducing potential disruptions in production.

  • Sealed Roller Bearings to Prevent Oil Leakage: The sealed bearings prevent oil from leaking onto the pressure rolls. This maintains a cleaner production area, reduces the risk of contamination, and minimizes maintenance requirements.

  • Dual-Level, Three-Paddle Feeder System: This feeder system effectively directs material into die bores, boosting production efficiency. It ensures a consistent flow of materials, leading to uniform tablet sizes and shapes and reducing downtime caused by material blockages.

  • Automatic Lubrication System for Increased Longevity: This system ensures consistent and proper lubrication of tooling and machine parts, reducing wear and tear. It extends the life of the machine components, saving costs on repairs and replacements in the long run.

  • Enhanced Visibility with Quadruple LED Lighting: The LED lighting significantly improves visibility in the compression area, aiding in both production and cleaning. This reduces the risk of errors during tablet production and makes it easier to maintain a clean and safe working environment.


Specification Stokes 560-41 Stokes 560-51 Stokes 560-61
Number Stations 41 51 61
Tooling Specification D B BB
Max Capacity Hour 196,800 244,800 292,800
Compression Force kn 100 100 100
Max Diameter Tablet Ø13 Ø16 Ø25
Max Fill Depth 19 19 19
Max Turret Speed 80 80 80
Number Filling Stations 41 51 61

The robust construction of the Model 560 ensures long-term durability and reliability under continuous use, essential for meeting the rigorous demands of large-scale manufacturing. Its advanced control systems allow for quick and easy adjustments, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. The machine’s versatility is further enhanced by its ability to handle a wide range of materials, from hard to granulate to moisture-sensitive powders, making it suitable for various formulations. Its energy-efficient design not only reduces operational costs but also supports sustainable manufacturing practices. With its combination of high-speed capability, precision, and versatility, the Stokes Model 560 is a valuable asset for businesses aiming to boost their production capacity while maintaining high standards of product quality and safety.

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