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Stokes Model 557 Tablet Press

The Stokes Model 557 is an exemplar of precision engineering in the realm of tablet manufacturing. It stands out as a high-performance, single-sided rotary press, specifically designed to meet the demands of high-volume production environments. This machine is renowned for its efficiency and capability to handle a significant number of tooling stations, making it a versatile and indispensable asset in the pharmaceutical industry. Its robust construction and state-of-the-art design ensure consistent tablet quality and density, crucial for maintaining high production standards. The Stokes Model 557's adaptability to various production requirements, combined with its durability and ease of operation, positions it as a top-tier choice for businesses seeking to enhance their manufacturing capabilities.


The Stokes Model 557, engineered to excel in efficiency and precision, represents the peak of technological advancement in the tablet manufacturing sector. This specialized single-sided rotary press possesses unparalleled versatility, seamlessly accommodating up to 23 tooling stations. This adaptability is a vital asset, serving the diverse tablet production needs of various industries. Notably, the machine showcases an exceptional tablet production capacity, achieving rates of up to 21,600 tablets per hour. A defining attribute of the Stokes Model 557 is its remarkable force capability, capable of exerting up to 15 tons. This substantial force not only ensures rapid tablet production but also guarantees unwavering quality and consistency in the tablets it produces. The machine's unyielding commitment to excellence makes it a trusted choice for tablet manufacturers worldwide. What truly sets the Stokes Model 557 apart is its deep fill option, allowing for fills as deep as 82.55 mm. This level of versatility in tablet design is invaluable, particularly in industries where tailored tablet specifications are essential. Furthermore, the machine accommodates tablet diameters as large as 88.9 mm, empowering manufacturers to produce tablets spanning a wide size range, from compact to substantial. Manufacturers across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, have come to rely on the Stokes Model 557 as an indispensable tool in their tablet production processes. Its unique combination of versatility, speed, force, and adaptability positions it as a cornerstone of efficiency and excellence in tablet manufacturing.

Main Benefits

  • ​Vertical Adjustments and Locking Mechanism in Stainless Steel Hopper: The stainless steel hopper features vertical adjustments and a locking mechanism. This ensures stable operation, contributing to the overall productivity of the manufacturing process. The hopper design facilitates material flow and minimizes disruptions in production.

  • Adjustable Upper Roll for Tablet Compacting: The adjustable upper roll offers flexibility in tablet compression at various points, optimizing tablet quality and extending the lifespan of the dies, which reduces tablet defects and extends the operational life of the machine.

  • Simplified Feed Frame Setup with Three-Point Leveling System: The three-point leveling system eliminates the need for frequent feeder adjustments, saving time and streamlining the production process. Manufacturers can depend on simplified operations and enhanced efficiency.

  • Even Powder Distribution Across Die Cavities: This guarantees uniform filling and consistent tablet weight, essential for quality control and compliance with industry standards. Manufacturers can produce tablets with confidence, meeting stringent quality standards.

  • Longevity Enhanced by Hardened Steel Pressure Rolls: Pressure rolls made of hardened steel promote the endurance of machine components. This increases the durability of the machine, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

  • Sturdy Mainframe and Crosshead from Castings and Cams: The machine’s robust construction, reinforced by castings and cams, provides a solid mainframe and crosshead structure, which enhances stability and ensures longevity, even in high-volume production environments.

  • Manual Control via Hand-Operated Wheel: The hand-operated wheel allows operators to easily adjust speed, fill, and pressure parameters allowing for customization of different tablet specifications and ensuring flexibility in production.

  • Precise Tool Placement with Two-Piece Head Design: This ensures accuracy in tablet formation, leading to higher quality products and reduced material wastage, so manufacturers can produce tablets with confidence, meeting stringent quality standards.


Specification Stokes 557-23 Stokes 557-19 Stokes 557-15 Stokes 557-11
Number Stations 23 19 15 11
Tooling Specification Custom Custom Custom Custom
Max Capacity Hour 360 360 360 360
Compression Force kn 199 199 199 199
Max Diameter Tablet Ø30 Ø40 Ø64 Ø90
Max Fill Depth 82 82 82 82
Number Filling Stations 23 19 15 11

With the Stokes Model 557 as the centerpiece of their production lines, businesses can confidently meet the dynamic demands of their markets. Its precision and reliability not only optimize production but also ensure the consistent production of tablets that meet the highest quality standards. As industries continue to evolve and consumer expectations rise, the Stokes Model 557 remains at the forefront, enabling manufacturers to innovate and deliver tablets that make a meaningful impact.

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