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Stokes Model 550 Tablet Press

The Stokes Model 550 series represents a line of highly dependable 12-ton, single-sided rotary presses designed to cater to the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical, powder-metal, and ceramic sectors. Renowned for their versatility, these presses are adept at shaping a diverse array of tablet designs, accommodating the unique demands of each industry they serve. Notably, they possess the capability to produce tablets with a maximum diameter of 30 mm, utilizing the efficiency and precision of 550 tooling. This exceptional adaptability positions the Stokes Model 550 series as a cornerstone in the tablet manufacturing process, trusted by professionals for their consistency and reliability.


A cutting-edge rotary tablet press, the Stokes Model 550 meets the diverse demands of various industries. Each machine in this series, with its 12-ton pressing capacity, is perfect for high-volume production, essential in sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals to nutraceuticals, confectioneries, and heavy-duty industrial applications. The single-sided design of these presses not only simplifies operations and maintenance but also maximizes space efficiency, a crucial factor in manufacturing facilities. Their ability to craft tablets in a range of shapes and sizes, including complex geometric forms, sets them apart, offering companies a competitive edge in product differentiation. At the core of these machines is the advanced 550 tooling technology, which guarantees precision and durability. This system ensures consistent tablet shaping to meet stringent industry standards and allows for rapid tooling changeovers, crucial for manufacturers needing to switch between tablet designs frequently. The integrated sophisticated control systems in the 550 series further enhance efficiency by offering precise control over tablet weight, thickness, and hardness. This precision, coupled with an intuitive interface, ensures optimal performance and consistent product quality, essential in industries where regulatory compliance and consumer trust are paramount.

Main Benefits

  • Explosion-Proof Electronics for Safety: The equipment offers electronic options that include motors and controls compliant with industry standards for explosion-proofing. This provides a safer working environment and ensures compliance with industry safety regulations, which is crucial for maintaining operational licenses and avoiding legal liabilities.

  • Punch Restrainers for Uniform Quality: Punch restrainers are employed to control the movement of lower punches, thereby enhancing tool durability, ensuring uniform compact weight, and reducing the occurrence of double logo impressions. This results in more consistent product quality and a reduction in product rejections.

  • Adjustable Upper Rolls for Tool Longevity: Adjustable upper rolls are incorporated to increase the lifespan of tools and aid in the formation of compacts across various die levels. This not only extends tool life but also ensures optimal compact formation, enhancing product quality.

  • Versatile Core-Rod System: The core-rod system is capable of creating compacts with either blind or through-holes. This versatility allows for a wider range of product designs, opening up more market opportunities.

  • Precision with Keywayed Punch Sockets: The punch sockets are keywayed, providing accurate alignment for tooling of irregular shapes. This feature ensures precision in tablet shaping, reducing waste and improving product consistency.

  • Shadow Fill Systems for Efficiency: The shadow fill systems are designed to reduce punch stroking and use recirculated granulation, ensuring consistent compact weight and cleaner operations. This leads to higher quality products and a cleaner, more efficient production environment.

  • Abrasion-Resistant Die Table Surface: The die table surface features a hardening treatment resistant to abrasion and includes removable bushings for both upper and lower punches. This enhances the durability and longevity of the machine, making it more cost-effective in the long run.


Specification Stokes Model 550 Tablet Press
Number Stations 15
Tooling Specification Custom
Max Capacity Hour 600
Compression Force kn 118
Max Diameter Tablet Ø30
Max Fill Depth 27
Number Filling Stations 15

The Stokes Model 550 series has earned widespread acclaim, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, where regulatory compliance is critical. Its versatility has also made a significant impact in the nutraceutical sector, enabling rapid adaptation to market trends. In the confectionery industry, where aesthetic appeal is key, the ability to create visually diverse products has opened new opportunities for innovation. Collectively, the 550 series represents more than just advanced machinery; it symbolizes the convergence of strength, versatility, and technological sophistication, shaping it as an indispensable tool in modern manufacturing.

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