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Stokes Model 526 Tablet Press

Featuring a dual-action mechanism, the Stokes Model 526 and 526S are uniquely designed compacting presses. They employ an eccentric motion from a bottom cam while simultaneously applying pressure from the top. This dual-direction pressure application ensures a consistent density gradient across the product. Ideal for creating compacts such as gears, rings, discs, and bushings, these presses are versatile in working with a broad range of materials.


The Stokes Models 526 and 526S set a new standard in compacting press technology with their dual-action mechanism. Unique in their ability to apply pressure from both the top and the bottom simultaneously, these machines ensure a consistent density gradient across the product. This feature is particularly critical for applications where the structural integrity of the compacted material is paramount. The presses' versatility is evident in their capability to manufacture various compacts like gears, rings, discs, and bushings from a wide range of materials, making them invaluable in diverse industrial settings such as automotive, aerospace, and general manufacturing. Designed for efficiency, the Stokes Models 526 and 526S presses enhance the speed of the production process without compromising on the quality of the output. Their user-friendly interface and straightforward maintenance procedures contribute to minimal downtime, maintaining consistent operational efficiency. Safety is a paramount consideration in the design of these presses. Built with numerous safeguards, they provide a secure working environment, especially critical given the high-pressure nature of compacting processes. Moreover, the robust construction of these presses assures long-term durability and reliability, even under rigorous industrial use.

Main Benefits

  • Operational Flexibility with Pneumatic Control: This machine offers the versatility of both manual and automated operation, facilitated by a pneumatic clutch and brake. This flexibility allows users to adapt the machine to different production scenarios, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

  • Mechanical Motion for Efficiency: The mechanical motion of this machine ensures consistent repeatability, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and thus maximizing output. This leads to increased efficiency and reliability in production, saving time and reducing costs.

  • High Production Capacity: Capable of producing up to 45 compacts per minute, this machine is ideal for high-volume production needs. The rate, adaptable to the size and material of the compacts, allows for a tailored and efficient production process.

  • Precision Alignment with Adjustable V-Gibs: The crosshead’s mounting on adjustable V-Gibs ensures precise alignment of the upper punch. This precision contributes to the high accuracy and quality of the compacts produced, essential for maintaining high standards in production.

  • Durability Against Abrasive Materials: Designed to withstand abrasive materials, the press’s critical areas are equipped with hardened wear parts. This enhances the machine’s durability and longevity, reducing the frequency and cost of part replacements and maintenance.

  • Versatility in Part Creation with Stationary Core Rod: The inclusion of a stationary core rod adds the capability to create diverse parts, such as hollow components or those with blind holes or counter bores. This versatility opens up a broader range of product possibilities, making the machine suitable for varied manufacturing requirements.

  • Enhanced Production with Additional Equipment: The option to integrate additional equipment provides an opportunity to refine and enhance operations. This adaptability allows for further customization and optimization of the production process, meeting specific needs and improving overall efficiency and product quality.


Specification Stokes Model 526 Tablet Press
Number Stations 1
Tooling Specification Custom
Max Capacity Hour 2700
Compression Force kn 200
Max Diameter Tablet Ø76
Max Fill Depth 66
Max Turret Speed N/A
Number Filling Stations 1

The adaptability of the Stokes Model 526 and 526S presses is a key feature, allowing them to be customized to specific production needs. Adjustments can be made in pressure levels, compaction speeds, and the material types being compacted, offering manufacturers a high degree of flexibility. This ability to tailor the machines to various applications not only maximizes the utility of the presses but also ensures that manufacturers can optimize their investment. The Stokes Models 526 and 526S combine innovative design, operational efficiency, and versatile functionality, making them a top choice for industries seeking to enhance their compacting capabilities with high-quality, reliable equipment.

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