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Stokes Model 516 Tablet Press

Engineered in the USA to meet the rigorous demands of the pharmaceutical and industrial sectors, the Stokes Model 516 is a state-of-the-art rotary tablet press. Its sturdy construction and reliability make it an optimal choice in tablet compression machinery. Designed for efficient double-sided operations, it comes with precision-engineered keyed upper punch sockets, ensuring consistent and accurate alignment during the tablet making process. Additionally, its optional deep fill capabilities allow for a diverse range of tablet sizes and shapes, supporting various manufacturing needs. This versatility, combined with its dependability and precision, makes the Stokes Model 516 an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking a high-quality, multifunctional tablet press to enhance their production.


The Stokes Model 516, a robust rotary tablet press, guarantees reliability and precision in the manufacturing world. Designed for double-sided tablet pressing, it incorporates specialized keyed upper punch sockets, enhancing accuracy and consistency in tablet production. Its standout feature is the ability to accommodate deep fills up to 57 mm and produce tablets with diameters of up to 90 mm. This makes it an invaluable asset in diverse tablet manufacturing scenarios, from pharmaceuticals to nutraceuticals, where varying tablet sizes and shapes are required. The machine's ability to handle a range of tablet dimensions allows for greater flexibility in product development, enabling manufacturers to meet specific customer requirements and adapt quickly to market changes.

Beyond its robust construction, the Stokes Model 516 excels in user-friendliness and safety. It features an intuitive control system and a clear interface, making operations easy for users with different levels of skills. In high-volume production environments, where precision and efficiency are critical, this tablet compression machine delivers consistent tablet weight and density and ensures dosage accuracy in pharmaceutical applications.

Additionally, its comprehensive safety features, including emergency stops and safety interlocks, prioritize operator safety, adhering to stringent industry standards. The machine's design also facilitates easy access for maintenance and cleaning, which is vital for maintaining a hygienic production environment and extending the machine's lifespan. With its emphasis on ease of use and maintenance, the Stokes Model 516 reduces training time and operational downtime, further enhancing production output.

Main Benefits

  • Adjustable Upper Roll for Enhanced Die Life: This feature offers flexible tablet compression at various points in the die, increasing die lifespan and minimizing tablet imperfections, leading to longer operational life and higher quality output from this rotary tablet press.
  • Three-Point Leveling for Easy Setup: Simple, three-point leveling of the transit feed frame allows easy setup and consistent feeding without the need for feeder adjustments, saving time and simplifying the process in tablet making.
  • Die Type Transit Level Feeder for Consistent Weights: Optimally distributes powder across the die cavity, promoting even fills and consistent tablet weights in tablet production, crucial for meeting quality standards.
  • Stainless Steel Hoppers with Vertical Adjustment: Vertical adjustment and lock features in the stainless steel hoppers facilitate easy material handling and consistent feed flow, enhancing production efficiency in tablet presses.
  • Handwheel Control for Operational Flexibility: Press speed, filling, and pressure settings are easily regulated through a handwheel control, allowing for quick adjustments and operational flexibility in this tablet compression machine.
  • Precise Tool Alignment with Two-Piece Head: The two-piece head design ensures precise tool alignment along with a smooth die table, leading to higher quality tablets and reduced wastage.
  • Robust Mainframe and Crosshead Structure: Durable machine castings and cams comprise a solid mainframe and crosshead structure, ensuring stability and consistent performance under heavy use.
  • Hardened Steel Pressure Rolls for Durability: Steel pressure rolls, hardened for durability, prolong the life of tools and components, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.


Specification Stokes 516-23 Stokes 516-19 Stokes 516-15 Stokes 516-11
Number Stations 23 19 15 11
Tooling Specification Custom Custom Custom Custom
Max Capacity Hour 720 570 450 330
Compression Force kn 199 199 199 199
Max Diameter Tablet (mm) Ø30 Ø40 Ø64 Ø76
Max Fill Depth (mm) 57 57 57 57
Max Turret Speed (r/min) 20 20 20 20
Number Filling Stations 23 19 15 11

The Stokes Model 516’s engineering brilliance is matched by its operational versatility. Capable of handling a wide range of materials, from powders to granules, it adapts seamlessly to different formulations, ensuring optimal tablet quality. This adaptability, coupled with its durable construction and precision mechanics, positions the Stokes Model 516 as a top-tier choice for manufacturers seeking a high-quality, versatile, and reliable tablet press. Its long operational life, consistent performance, and advanced features make it a sound investment for businesses in the pharmaceutical and related sectors, looking to enhance their production efficiency and product quality. The machine’s adaptability to various materials and formulations not only increases its utility but also makes it an ideal choice for companies looking to diversify their product lines.

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