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Stokes Model 511 Tablet Press

The Stokes Model 511 is well-suited for research and development, pilot projects, batch runs, and small-scale production. This model provides an invaluable opportunity for hands-on learning and in-depth analysis of various formulation characteristics. Its use in academic settings, such as universities, and practical environments like in-plant laboratories, has been extensive and consistently valuable for over a century. Operators and researchers utilizing the Stokes Model 511 gain crucial insights into the essential properties of materials, including their flowability, compressibility, and ejection criteria. This depth of understanding is vital for the development and refinement of products, making the Stokes Model 511 a cornerstone in the field of material science and engineering research.


For over a century, the Stokes Model 511 has been an essential tool in both academic and industrial settings, such as universities and in-plant laboratories. Its adaptability across a variety of applications, including research and development, pilot projects, batch operations, and limited-scale production, makes it highly valued. This model's versatility is particularly useful in environments where diverse materials and formulations are analyzed and developed. Its hands-on approach to learning and ability to provide detailed insights into material properties like flowability, compressibility, and ejection criteria make it invaluable for understanding and manipulating material behaviors. In academic circles, the Stokes Model 511 serves as a key educational tool, bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. It offers students and researchers a tangible way to explore and comprehend the complexities of material science and engineering. This experiential learning is crucial for nurturing future innovators in these fields. Conversely, in industrial in-plant laboratories, the Stokes Model 511 plays a pivotal role in product development. It aids in refining formulations and processes, leading to enhanced product quality and efficiency. Its ability to precisely analyze material characteristics is essential for improving production methods and outcomes in various industries.  

Main Benefits

  • Compression and Die Force Monitoring for Quality Assurance: The model’s capability to monitor compression and die force plays a vital role in reinforcing consistent tablet quality. This monitoring helps in identifying and correcting any deviations in the production process, ensuring that each tablet meets the desired quality standards. This feature is particularly beneficial in maintaining product consistency, which is crucial for customer satisfaction and compliance with industry regulations.

  • Variable Speed Drive for Operational Flexibility: The inclusion of a standard variable speed drive allows for speed adjustments to meet specific operational needs. This flexibility is essential for customizing production according to different material properties or product specifications, ensuring optimal machine performance.

  • User-Friendly Design with Hinged Front Panel and Detachable Hopper: The full-size hinged front panel and detachable hopper simplify tool installation and press adjustments. This design makes the machine more accessible and reduces the time and effort required for setup and maintenance, leading to increased productivity.

  • Positive Pull-Down System for Consistency: The positive pull-down system guarantees the precise repositioning of the stationary lower punch after each compact ejection. This ensures consistent tablet production and helps maintain a uniform quality standard across all products.

  • Redesigned Stainless Steel Die Table for Increased Yield: This model’s die table effectively contains excess powder, reducing waste and enhancing product yield. This feature is crucial for optimizing material use and increasing the overall efficiency of the production process.


Specification Stokes Model 511 Tablet Press
Number Stations 1
Tooling Specification Custom
Max Capacity Hour 4500
Compression Force kn 15
Max Diameter Tablet Ø12
Max Fill Depth 11
Max Turret Speed N/A
Number Filling Stations 1

The longevity and sustained use of the Stokes Model 511 in these critical areas are due to its robust and evolving design, which has seamlessly integrated modern technological advancements while retaining its fundamental precision and reliability. Its enduring legacy in the realms of material science and engineering highlights its effectiveness and the trust placed in it by generations of scientists and engineers. The Stokes Model 511’s contributions to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation in these fields underscore its status as a fundamental tool, remaining as relevant and vital today as it was a century ago.

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