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Stokes Model 349 Tablet Press

The Stokes Model 349 is expertly crafted for the efficient production of a variety of large products, making it an ideal choice for industries like chlorine manufacturing. Renowned for its powerful performance, this machine excels in scenarios where high-tonnage compression is essential. Its design features simplified machine controls, facilitating ease of operation and ensuring a smooth motion of its integral components. The incorporation of large roller style tooling in its design underscores its capacity to handle substantial product sizes. As a result, the Stokes Model 349 has become a preferred choice for manufacturers seeking a reliable, high-performance machine that can adapt to a range of production demands.


The Stokes Model 349 is a highly efficient and robust machine, specifically designed for the production of chlorine tablets and other large-diameter products. Its capacity for high-tonnage compression makes it well-suited for heavy-duty manufacturing processes, where precision and reliability are key. The machine's large roller-style tooling facilitates the production of tablets with diameters up to 76 mm, meeting the demands of various industrial applications. This capability is particularly beneficial in sectors where the size and density of tablets are crucial, such as in water treatment and chemical industries Ease of operation is a standout feature of the Stokes Model 349. It is equipped with straightforward controls, making the machine accessible even to operators with limited experience. The cam mechanism, a critical component of this model, ensures smooth motion of both the upper and lower punches. This smooth operation is essential for the consistent quality of the tablets, preventing defects and ensuring uniformity in each batch. The machine's design focuses on operational efficiency and precision, reducing the likelihood of downtime due to mechanical issues and enhancing overall productivity.  

Main Benefits

  • Robust Control Mechanisms in Protective Enclosure: Control mechanisms are safely enclosed in a NEMA 4X Stainless Steel enclosure with a Vortex cabinet cooler. This protection shields the controls from environmental factors, ensuring reliable operation and reducing the risk of malfunction.

  • Enhanced Safety with ABB Interlock System: The ABB Safety Interlock system for all doors, including the turn-over wheel cover, ensures operator safety, minimizing the risk of accidents and maintaining a safe working environment.

  • Precise Speed Control with AB PowerFlex Drives: The inclusion of advanced AB PowerFlex drives in the main and feeder motors allows for precise control over speed, enabling fine-tuning of the production process for optimal performance.

  • User-Friendly Push-Button Operations: Simple push-button controls for Start, Stop, Jog, and Emergency Stop make the machine easy to operate and quick to respond, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

  • Cleanliness with Separated Compression and Motor Areas: The distinct separation between the compression area and the motor/utility zone enhances cleanliness, crucial for meeting stringent hygiene standards, especially in pharmaceutical and food production

  • Durable Tooling for High-Wear Applications: With tooling that features replaceable tips, the machine is optimal for high-wear applications. This design not only enhances the tooling’s lifespan but also reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

  • Efficient Powder Feeding with Open Style Feeder: The open-style mechanical feeder ensures a consistent flow of powder, which is crucial for maintaining the uniformity and quality of tablets throughout production runs.

  • Powerful 40 HP Motor for Large Tablets: Equipped with a large 40 HP motor, the machine is specially designed for high-tonnage compressions, ideal for producing large diameter tablets. This capability allows for versatility in production and the ability to meet diverse market demands.

  • Stable Heavy-Duty Design: The cast and welded construction of the Stokes Model 349 ensures stability during intensive runs, leading to consistent production quality and reduced vibration, which can extend the life of the machine.


Specification Stokes Model 349 Tablet Press
Number Stations 9
Tooling Specification Custom
Max Capacity Hour 5940
Compression Force kN 294
Max Diameter Tablet Ø76
Max Fill Depth 65
Max Turret Speed 11
Number Filling Stations 9

Beyond its technical capabilities, the Stokes Model 349 is designed with operator safety and comfort in mind. The ergonomic layout of the controls and the machine’s intuitive interface reduce operator fatigue and the risk of errors during long production runs. Its sturdy construction also contributes to its longevity, ensuring that it remains a reliable part of the production line for years. The combination of high performance, ease of use, and safety features makes the Stokes Model 349 an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their production capabilities with a machine that can reliably produce high-quality large diameter tablets.

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