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Stokes Model 334 Tablet Press

The Stokes Model 334, a 15-ton tablet press featuring 17 dual-sided stations, is engineered for durability and consistent performance, ideal for heavy-duty operational demands. It's specially designed to handle a wide range of tablet sizes and materials, offering unparalleled versatility in production. This model boasts advanced control systems for precision and ease of use, ensuring high-quality tablet output. Its robust construction guarantees long-term reliability, even in the most challenging manufacturing environments. The Model 334 is also equipped with safety features and ergonomic design elements, making it a user-friendly and safe option for operators. It's an excellent choice for businesses seeking efficient, high-volume tablet production.


With its 15-ton pressing capacity, the Stokes Model 334 represents a pinnacle of tablet press technology. This robust machine is equipped with 17 dual-sided stations, allowing for efficient and high-volume tablet production. The design of this tablet press is especially notable for its maximum fill depth of 35 mm, catering to a wide range of tablet sizes and compositions. Engineered specifically for heavy-duty applications, the Stokes Model 334 is constructed with resilience and durability in mind, ensuring consistent and reliable performance even under the most strenuous manufacturing conditions. Its superior build quality and advanced features make it an ideal choice for industries demanding high output and precision in tablet production.

Main Benefits

  • Adaptable Housing for Control Systems: The Stokes Model 334 features customizable housing options for its control systems. This adaptability allows for the accommodation of various operational requirements, including different control modules and interface types, ensuring seamless integration with diverse manufacturing processes.
  • Hopper Shut-Off Valve for Consistent Production: Incorporated with a hopper shut-off valve, this tablet press minimizes material wastage. This valve ensures precise control of material flow, leading to more consistent tablet weights and densities, thereby reducing overruns and improving yield.

  • Efficient Dust Collection System: The machine is equipped with an advanced dust collection system, which effectively removes particulates from the production area. This feature not only maintains a cleaner working environment but also reduces the frequency of cleaning, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Enhanced Lighting for Improved Visibility: The press areas are illuminated with high-quality, strategically placed lighting. This improvement enhances visibility during operations, allowing for better monitoring and reducing the likelihood of errors in tablet production

  • Protective Heavy-Duty Enclosure: The Stokes Model 334 is encased in a robust, heavy-duty enclosure. This protective shield safeguards the machine’s internal components from external physical damage and contamination, thereby prolonging the equipment’s lifespan and maintaining its performance

  • Upper Punch Sensor for Precision Monitoring: The tablet press includes a sophisticated sensor system for monitoring the upper punch. This technology ensures precision in tablet formation, providing real-time feedback and adjustments to maintain consistent tablet quality.

  • Punch Seals for Enhanced Tablet Purity: Integration of high-quality punch seals in the machine prevents contamination of the tablets. This feature ensures that the produced tablets maintain their purity and are free from external particulate interference.

  • Versatile Automatic Lubrication System: The machine boasts an automatic lubrication system that is compatible with both grease and oil. This system provides consistent lubrication to the upper and lower punches, enhancing the machine’s efficiency and reducing maintenance requirements.

  • Roller Bearings for Smooth Operation: Equipped with high-grade roller bearings, the tablet press operates smoothly and reliably. These bearings reduce friction and wear, ensuring a longer operational lifespan and consistent tablet production performance.

  • Engineered for High-Demand Operations: The Stokes Model 334 is designed with a focus on durability to withstand intense operational demands. Its robust construction and high-quality materials ensure that it can handle continuous, heavy-duty use without compromising on performance or reliability.


Specification Stokes Model 334 Tablet Press
Number Stations 17
Tooling Specifications D
Max Capacity Hour 20400
Max Compression Force kN 150
Max Diameter Tablet Ø76
Max Fill Depth 35
Max Turret Speed 50
Number Filling Stations 17

The Stokes Model 343 skillfully blends advanced features with robust design to meet the rigorous demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Its adaptable control system housing, efficient dust collection, and innovative hopper shut-off valve are testament to its commitment to precision and efficiency. Enhanced lighting, protective enclosures, and state-of-the-art sensors further ensure top-tier tablet production quality. With the integration of punch seals, versatile lubrication, and durable roller bearings, the Stokes Model 334 is set apart for its reliability and durability.

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