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Stokes Model 328 Tablet Press

Experience the efficiency of the Stokes Model 328, a high-speed and robust tablet press designed for the production of large tablets and compacts. Known for its reliability and durable performance, this advanced machine offers low maintenance requirements and a variety of control options to accommodate different production demands. It's ideal for continuous, heavy-duty operations, ensuring consistent tablet quality. The Model 328 features user-friendly interfaces and precision engineering, enhancing productivity and operational ease. With its ability to handle a range of materials and tablet sizes, it's a versatile choice for industries needing high output without compromising on tablet integrity.


The Stokes Model 328 stands out as a high-end, durable tablet press, capable of efficiently producing large tablets and compacts with diameters up to 1.187 mm. It's a dependable machine characterized by its long-lasting performance, and it boasts low maintenance costs. Additionally, it provides operational versatility with options for manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic controls. Designed to meet the demanding needs of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, this tablet press is engineered to handle a variety of formulations, from standard to challenging compounds. Its robust construction ensures consistent operation even under the rigors of high-volume production, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a balance of reliability and efficiency.  

Main Benefits

  • Neckless Punches with Larger Head Flat for Challenging Powders: These punches optimize dwell time, improving the compression of challenging powders and ensuring consistent tablet quality, especially for difficult formulations.

  • Sturdy Top Enclosure Designed for Easy Cleaning: The design of the top enclosure facilitates efficient and straightforward cleaning, maintaining hygiene standards and reducing maintenance time.

  • Sealed Roller Bearings in All Pressure Rolls for Durability: The sealed bearings prevent contamination and wear, enhancing the durability and reliability of the pressure rolls.

  • Optional 15-Ton Upgrade for High-Demand Tasks: This upgrade option enables the machine to handle more demanding manufacturing tasks, increasing its capability to meet high production requirements.

  • Readily Available Spare Parts for Minimal Downtime: The availability of spare parts ensures quick replacements when necessary, minimizing operational downtime and maintaining production efficiency.

  • Timed Release Mechanism in Upper Punch Lubrication System: This upgraded feature ensures consistent lubrication of the upper punch, reducing wear and extending its life, while also improving tablet consistency.

  • Hopper with Butterfly Valve for Clean and Efficient Operation: The butterfly valve design in the hopper minimizes powder spillage and waste, ensuring a cleaner operation and more efficient use of materials.

  • Manual or Fully Automatic Operational Modes for Flexibility: This offers versatility in operation, allowing for manual control for specialized tasks or fully automatic mode for high-efficiency production.

  • Superior Dust Collection Systems in Upper and Lower Die Tables: These systems effectively capture dust, keeping the production environment clean, reducing contamination risks, and enhancing product quality.

  • Resilient Build with Robust Design for Longevity: The sturdy construction ensures the machine withstands continuous use, offering long-term reliability and reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

  • Improved Visibility with Advanced Lighting at Entry Points: Enhanced lighting improves visibility for operators, facilitating easier monitoring and maintenance, and reducing the likelihood of errors during production.

  • Digital Tachometer for Accurate Operating Speeds: This tool provides precise measurements of operational speeds, allowing for better control and consistency in tablet production, leading to uniform quality.

  • Modern Non-Contact Door Interlocks for Enhanced Operational Safety: These interlocks ensure that the machine cannot operate while doors are open, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing operator safety.


Specification Stokes 328-33 Stokes 328-45
Number Stations 33 45
Tooling Specifications B BB
Max Capacity Hour 72,000-198,000 96,000-270,000
Compression Force kN 100 100
Max Diameter Tablet Ø30 Ø19
Max Fill Depth 35 35
Max Turret Speed 50 50
Number Filling Stations 33 45

The Model 328’s advanced control systems enable precise adjustments, allowing operators to easily customize tablet size, weight, and hardness. This level of control is crucial for ensuring product uniformity and meeting stringent quality standards. The machine’s user-friendly interface simplifies operation, making it accessible to operators with varying levels of expertise. Furthermore, the inclusion of safety features, such as emergency stops and safety guards, aligns with industry standards, ensuring a safe working environment. The Stokes Model 328’s energy-efficient design not only reduces operational costs but also supports environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices. Its ability to switch between different operational modes offers unparalleled flexibility, accommodating changes in production needs without compromising on output quality. With its combination of robust design, versatile functionality, and low maintenance requirements, the Stokes Model 328 represents a valuable investment for any organization looking to enhance its tablet production capabilities. Moreover, its compatibility with a range of tooling options adds to its adaptability, allowing for quick changeovers between different tablet types and sizes. This adaptability is crucial for companies looking to diversify their product offerings or adjust to changing market demands. The Model 328’s superior dust extraction system also ensures a cleaner, more hygienic production environment, which is vital for maintaining the highest standards of product quality and safety.

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