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Stokes Granulator Model 43-6

Discover the Stokes Granulator, an innovative solution tailored for transforming both wet and dry materials into precisely sized granular products. This versatile machine stands out for its ease of product changeover, allowing rapid adaptation to different manufacturing needs. Its design features a fully removable stainless steel working section, enabling thorough cleaning and quick replacement, minimizing downtime. The Stokes 43-6 Granulator comes in various configurations, including compact versions for convenient table or bench-top mounting, making it an ideal choice for diverse operational scales. Whether for large-scale production or smaller, specialized batches, the Stokes Granulator offers efficiency, flexibility, and reliability in material processing.


Explore the exceptional capabilities of the Stokes Granulator Model 43-6, a versatile and efficient machine tailored for the granulation of both wet and dry materials. This granulator is meticulously designed to deliver granular products with precise size distributions, catering to a range of industrial needs. Its quick and easy product changeover feature ensures seamless transitions between different materials, enhancing operational efficiency. The machine's design includes a fully removable stainless steel working section, facilitating effortless cleaning and rapid maintenance. Capable of handling various granulating rates and material types, the Stokes Granulator Model 43-6 stands as an indispensable asset for businesses aiming to elevate their production quality and efficiency.  

Main Benefits

  • Versatility in Material Processing: Designed to granulate both wet and dry materials to a specific size distribution.

  • Quick Product Changeover: Simple and rapid transition between different products.

  • Removable Stainless Steel Section: Entire working area can be easily detached for thorough cleaning and quick replacement.

  • Variety of Screen Sizes: Offers screens ranging from 4 to 16 mesh piano wire and 2 to 100 mesh stainless steel, for diverse granulating needs.

  • Substantial Capacity: Different granulating rates for various materials, such as 3,000 lb/hr for wet mix through a 4 mesh screen.

  • Compact Design: Available in short configurations for table or bench-top mounting.

  • Technical Specifications: Includes a 1-H.P. motor, suitable hopper size, and optimized floor area for efficient operation.

  • Enhanced Productivity: High capacity and efficient granulating rates boost production efficiency.

  • Operational Flexibility: Adapts easily to different production scales and material types.

  • Time-Saving Maintenance: Quick cleaning and changeover processes reduce downtime.

  • Customizable Output: Multiple screen options allow for precise control over particle size distribution.

  • Space Efficiency: Compact models are ideal for limited space, enhancing workspace utilization.

  • Consistent Performance: Reliable motor and optimal design ensure steady and effective granulation.

  • Reduced Labor Effort: Easy disassembly and assembly streamline the workflow.

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